Your Design Objectives for Poster Designs

Published: 07th July 2010
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The true objective of poster printing is not just to "get seen". Getting seen is technically easy. You can use cheap and old poster templates to get your posters easily be seen or glanced upon by people. However, to really succeed in poster printing, you have to set deeper and more substantive objective to get your design to be understood.

Let me enlighten you on your real objectives in poster designs. If you really want a powerful and effective brochure, you will take all these objectives into account as you design your color posters.

•Reader Learning Objectives - The big objective of any competent custom poster design is for the reader to learn some information. While this is an obvious objective for the most part, you should very well keep this in mind as you design your color posters. You have to always make the design in such a way that it is EASY to learn the information you are trying to deliver. This means writing concisely composed text information and inserting helpful informative images that is integrated in your poster designs. With a good balance of information and easy composition, you should achieve this learning objective easily in your color poster designs.

•Reader Emotional Objectives - There is also an "emotional" objective when it comes to custom poster design. Readers or viewers should not only learn from your brochures, they should feel something as well. You will want your readers to "feel" something significant when they see your poster so that it has more of an impact on them.

To do this, you will need to develop your theme design concept properly. This basically means that all the elements of the poster (photographs, graphics, font styles, content, colors etc.) should have a coherent theme that enforces a strong emotion.

For example, using energetic colors such as yellow and orange, with creative font styles and action packed graphics all contribute to an energetic feel to a poster. If you want your readers to get excited about the information you are giving away, then this is the way to go in your design. There are many other combinations for many other emotional objectives, but as long as you match all the design elements for a certain "feeling" you should succeed in getting your major emotional objectives for poster printing.

•Reader Behavioural Objectives - You should also be aware that there are actual reader behavioural objectives when you design your color posters. You will not want your readers to "just" read your custom posters. You will want them to act on the information and the feeling that they got from your designs. This is the behavioural objective that you need to achieve.

To achieve this objective, all you really have to do is to tell people what actions they need to take. This can come in the form of an invitation or an order even. You can tell people to "Hurry buy now!" or you can tell them that "Support by signing up in our..." If it is obvious how a reader should act on the information in a poster, most of your readers will have a hard time NOT doing it. So you should remember to always put that invitation into action into your designs. This will help you achieve those behavioural objectives.

•Designer Distinction Objectives - Finally, you should also have some objectives for your own sake. Usually designers should have an objective of composing a great design that is original and distinctly your own. This is a great objective to set since it makes your poster designs quite fresh, new and interesting for most viewers.

To achieve this, simply always try to create your own creative poster design. DO NOT USE poster templates if possible so that you can really keep things on your own. It might be difficult, but as long as you are determined and inspired, you should get a distinct design of your own for poster printing.

So those are your objectives in poster printing other than just "getting seen". Make sure that you try to achieve these objectives so that all your color posters look better, feel better and work better.

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