The Parts Of An Advertising Poster That You Should Never Forget

Published: 12th July 2010
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While lots of poster samples will give you all the basic design parts for poster printing, there are a few essential things in an advertising poster that you should never forget. So in this article, I will give you the five most important parts that an advertising poster must have. Make sure that these things are in your designs for poster printing so that you can be sure your posters will work and do their job well. Let's get started with discussing the most important part of your advertising poster, the hook image.

•The Hook image - The "hook" image is basically your front piece for your poster. It is the one that draws readers in from afar, so definitely, this is a part of an advertising poster that you should always have. Do not just put up a "nice" picture in your color posters. You should always try to get an image that is easily noticeable, eye-catching and very interesting to look at for your target audience.

As a tip, I would recommend that you use images with people in them as a hook image. People respond well to poster models (especially pretty or handsome ones of course) since there is emotion as well as attraction when people see them. Just make sure that you use images with an interesting subject matter or composition with those models so that even from afar, people will notice your custom posters and try to get a closer look.

•The Hook title - Another important part of an advertising poster is the "hook" title. This is basically the text element that draws people into reading the rest of the color brochure. For example, in a food advertisement poster, a simple but still effective hook title is the word "hungry?". It might sound simple and old, but it still gets people to pay attention to a color poster, especially when they are hungry.

That is why it is highly recommended that you also try to compose a hook title for your advertising posters. Just one very expressive and powerful word should do okay, but a phrase can be used as well. Do not use sentences if possible, since those do not do well as hook titles.

•Detailed explanation/information - You should also never forget to add the proper and detailed information about the topic of your color posters. Of course, all of your readers will need this information so that they will know the specifics of your subject matter for color posters. Make sure that you format this text in a clear style and of course try to write it as concisely as possible to make it as short as possible. This is an integral part of a true poster design so you should not forget this part.

•The Invitation - We also have "the invitation" as an important part of a poster layout. The invitation to readers is basically a call to action regarding what they read in the poster. You will need some of these "invitation" messages always in your custom poster designs. This allows you to help and direct the response of readers to the right direction. You can tell them for example to "buy online now!" or maybe you can say "Hurry! Offer is only until..." This invitation to act on the poster information is the key element that helps most posters succeed. So make sure you have that invitation to action in your poster layout.

•Contact Information - Lastly, do not ever forget to add the important contact information regarding the makers and designers of the poster. If your posters and its message are interesting enough, people might actually want to contact you to talk more about it. That is why it is a good idea to never forget to print your contact information in your color posters.

So do not ever forget those important elements in poster printing. With these five vital elements in place, creating a decently effective color poster should be a cinch.

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