The Best Kinds of Software Programs to Create Full Color Flyers

Published: 25th August 2010
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Don't know what design software to use in creating full color flyers? Well, let me teach you the best programs that you can go for to create great designs for flyer printing. I am going to list down below the different skill levels for most people who want to print color flyers and the corresponding recommended software applications that should be easy to use for them. Just read on below and see which software will be best for your specific skill level.

• For people who are clueless with computers - If you are really clueless about computers, I would recommend that you just try to hire someone to make your flyers. Believe me it should be a lot easier and better for you.

However, if you still want to try printing flyers on your own, then you can use a flyer design wizard to do this for you. If you can search the Internet, you should easily spot lots of special dedicated software applications and even online services that have flyer creation wizards that will do all the work of designing for you. You just need to answer the questions in these wizards and give it all the data and images it needs to create the custom flyer that you want. Everything should be made automatically and you will not have to worry about learning anything complicated for flyer printing.

• For beginners at flyer printing - If you are a beginner at flyer printing and know a little bit about computers, my most recommended software application for you is the word processor. Word processors like Microsoft Word and are great simple platforms where you can type and insert images for a layout for custom flyers. You can treat your flyers like any simple document that requires just a little bit more text formatting as well as images. There might be limited functionality in terms of image enhancements and positioning, but you should be able to create a very workable kind of flyer design. Try to see if your word processor has templates built in, they might be able to help you with creating a good layout with a text document.

• For intermediate designers - For more advanced kinds of layout designers, or if you are willing to really learn how to design and publish color flyers, you can use actual professional Desktop Publishing applications. Common examples of this include Microsoft Publisher and Adobe InDesign. These types of software have more advanced elements and features that let you precisely position and enhance custom flyer elements. These are a far cry from normal word processors and you can even easily create extra graphics and formatting styles when creating designs from these platforms.

Of course, you must be aware that this kind of software is not cheap. So be prepared to spend a little bit more to create better looking custom flyers. However, these software are well worth the price since you can also create other great design documents with them.

•For experts - Finally, if you truly want to create a very visual kind of flyer, with all the aspects customized, dot per dot and word per word, then you might go for an actual image editing application. Pixel based image applications such as Photoshop and Gimp, plus vector based software like Illustrator will be the best tools if you are really an expert. These applications really let you design anything from scratch and you can really be precise and deliberate with all the design elements of your flyers here. It will cost you a lot more to buy these kinds of applications, but the precision it gives should be really worth it if you want a really unique kind of design.

Great! Now you should know the best software application for your flyer printing designs. Good Luck!

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