Ten Powerful Marketing Words

Published: 16th August 2008
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In order to get your marketing literature noticed, you have to use words that get attention. This is especially true when it comes to your brochures. Brochures only get noticed when they have a strong and very attention grabbing front page.

There are some words that, for whatever reason, do a good job of getting attention. You should try to use these words as often as possible on your advertisements. Here is a list of ten powerful marketing words for you to use on your next brochure printing project.


This word makes the reader anticipate a sale or special offer. When you use this word, it is usually best to display it near the top of the front page. Then, make sure to follow it up with something good for the reader.


Free is the one word that has always been a powerful marketing word, and always will be. Everyone knows that nothing truly comes for free, but offering something for free is a good way to lure a customer in.


Help, when used in an advertising sense, is a word with a positive connotation. Build up a positive feeling with your brochures by offering to help the reader in some way.


This is a powerful word when used in the right way. When you use it in a way that makes the customer feel like you are sharing information that most people do not know, it can be very effective.


This is an obviously powerful word. Everyone loves money, and everyone can use more of it. If you use money in a way that makes the reader think that you can help him make more money, it will increase the power of your brochures.


Believe it or not, powerful is a powerful marketing word. This word injects a positive energy into the reader, which is always a good way to entice them to read further.


When you can offer proof that your product or service works, it makes it even more attractive to customers. Use the word proven if you can back it up with information that gives the reader a sense of confidence.


Save and money are words that go hand in hand. If you can save the customer money, that means he will have more money, and everyone wants more money.


Trust is a powerful word in virtually every aspect, not just in marketing. It is hard to trust someone, and when you do, it is a special occasion. Your brochures, and all of your marketing efforts, should try to instill a sense of trust in the customer.


This is a relatively new word on the powerful marketing words list. Customers want to understand how a product or service can help them.

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