Qualities of a Good Poster

Published: 03rd March 2009
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Having a good poster printing for your business is like getting a great husband; once you have him, you'll have a partner that will work with you to achieve the dreams you have.

It's a love-love relationship actually. The more you love your poster printing, the more your print posters will result in clients that will love your business. And just like a husband-and-wife team, your business and print posters need to work together to make a good job at marketing your products and services.

What makes an effective print posters work? Hard work, perseverance, and all of these factors put together:

White Space.

The white space's main purpose is to lead the way to the most important element in your print poster. Contrary to popular belief, it's not something to help you create an aesthetic design. Rather, your white space is used to emphasize your main point, as well as provide a resting place for your readers' eyes. This is all aimed at helping your readers to see your message that easily.

It's quite tempting to try to include every information you have in your poster print. Nevertheless, always remember that too much gray or black text can only overwhelm your design, not to mention confuse your readers.

The S-Pattern.

Either a Z or an S, it's the flow or pattern that leads the readers' eyes to the whole of your poster print design. It all starts from the top left corner, then down to the bottom right of your ad.

Although your readers scan your full color poster in the S-fashion, make sure that you make it easy for them to understand your message. It doesn't help if in the middle of reading your content they suddenly look up and ask whether they're still looking at the same poster.


As I've said earlier, it doesn't do you any good when in the middle of scanning your poster, your readers suddenly get confused with the flow of your design. They have this invisible rule where they want to see certain elements in their appropriate places. And consistency is one of these rules. People often expect it in whatever design and in any marketing collateral.


Again, it's an element that readers expect from your collateral. Remember KISS - keep it simple and short?

People in general are busy with so many things that skimming through your poster design is another thing that would add to their busy schedule. The only way that they would even give you the time of day is to get them enticed with what you have to say. So make it easy for them to understand your message right away. Avoid including too many elements that only clutter your design and confuse your readers.

The point here is to make it easy for your readers to understand your message in your poster printing, fast. When they do understand your message, its' more likely that you'll get the response you desire from them.

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