Power Words for Business Card Printing

Published: 05th March 2010
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Do you know about power words in business card printing? If you do not know about them, then maybe it is time to learn. If you want your business card printing to really be effective at bagging that client or convincing some investors that you are the man or woman to partner up with, then here is your chance. In this guide, I will reach you about power words and how they factor in when you print personal business cards. Trust me, it will do a load of difference, just read on and learn.

• What are power words? - First, let us get our facts straight. What are power words indeed? Well, power words are basically those simple words and phrases that people immediately focus upon when they see them. This of course will vary from culture to culture but the main reason and meanings for them is quite the same. Words like "Danger" or "Free" or even "Sale" are just simple examples.

• What are the power words for business cards? - For business card printing, power words are specific words that help improve the look and feel of a design leading to a more impressive impact for the business card. Impressive job titles, a distinct tag line, or maybe even common but pleasant words like "at your service" are great examples of power words you can use in your color business cards. This adds a personality to your business cards and usually will interest readers about you, giving you that extra initial impact upon them.

• How do I emphasize power words in the design? - There are many techniques to emphasize your power words in the design. One of the simplest things you can do is just to change its typeface. Adding formatting options like bold text or text in italics can add that subtle emphasis and distinction to power words so that people can focus upon them much faster.

Beyond that, you can try using a contrasting color from the background to really make the power word text come out. Of course you can also try increasing the size of your power words, change their font style to a more prominent one, or you may also want to try adding certain blending options for text such as glows and shadows. All these unique layout accessories should help a lot in helping people focus on the important details about your business cards as they are emphasized clearly.

• Best business card printing for power words - Finally, if you really want to emphasize your business card printing with your power words, you might want to use some special business card printing techniques. The use of glossy paper materials as well as metallic inks can add that distinct effect for your power words that it makes your business card all the more successful. Just make sure that you always keep a high quality standard for business card printing, so that all your power words can truly shine from the design.

So those are the facts on printing business cards with power words. Hopefully you can use these tutorials in your own printing of business cards to improve your business success.

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