Marketing Strategy and Family Decision Making

Published: 21st January 2011
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Formulating an a effective marketing strategy for most consumer products requires a thorough understanding of the family decision-making process in the selected target markets with respect to the product.

The family decision-making process often varies across market segments such as stages in the family life cycle or social class. Therefore, it is essential that we analyze family decision-making within each of our defined target markets. Within each target market, we need to:

Discover which family members are involved at each stage of the decision process. Question pertaining to this must be included in you survey forms so as not to ask directly the client.

Determine what their motivations and interests are. This is also another important factor that you should not miss to ask in the survey form. Knowing their motivation and interest to buy your products will give you an idea whether your product offer can become a necessity. You will also know whether they buy it for another purpose. Many buyers are supportive whenever they see some fundraising calendars in your store that will benefit children or old age for example. This might be a reason that is why they support your products and one way of participating for a good cause like that of fundraising calendars campaign.

Develop a marketing strategy that will meet the needs of each participant. By selling some fundraising calendars to support a cause is a strategy that will benefit you and the organization you are supporting.

For example, younger children are often involved in the problem recognition stage during breakfast. They may note a new cartoon character-based cereal or discover that their friends are eating a new cereal. They are interested in identifying with the cartoon character or being like their friends. When they request the new cereal, the parents, generally the mother, may become interested. However, she is more likely to focus on nutrition and price. Thus, a marketer needs to communicate a fun, delicious, and exciting product to the children using the cartoons to say, appropriate Internet sites and similar media while the mother may be more effectively communicated with through magazine ads and package information.

In addition, buying goods and services in the internet are now the trend in the US. As an entrepreneur, you need to develop a marketing website for your business that is both appealing to children and of course to the parents. As mentioned, mothers always pore over magazine ads, flyers, newsletters and other marketing letters, so make sure to make it readable and catchy that they will never say no to your products. If you’re selling foods, make sure the nutritional information is included because that is the first thing they will analyze and very important for them to know.

The family provides the basic framework in which consumer socialization occurs. Consumer socialization is the process by which young people acquire skills, knowledge and attitude relevant to their functioning as consumers in the marketplace. Learning that includes acquiring consumption-related knowledge is a lifelong process. However, the quantity and nature of learning that take place before early adulthood (around 18), as well as their impact on subsequent learning, are sufficiently unique to justify focusing on this time period.

We are concerned with understanding both (1) what behaviors children learn, and (2) how these behaviors are associated with the purchase and use of goods and services. The ‘what" refers to the content of learning, and the "how" refers to the methods by which the content is acquired. Before we address these two issues, we need to consider the ability of children of various ages to learn consumption-related skills.

Being a responsible entrepreneur, don’t concentrate merely on how you will profit from your business. You need to focus on what is good and beneficial to the consumer especially to the children, and then make a profit out of it.

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