Kiddie Brochures for your Customers Kids During Travel Booking

Published: 16th November 2011
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Are you in the business of travel? How many kids walk into your doors every day? Surely you have encountered many parents booking for family vacations and taking their kiddos along during the reservations. Well, we all know that inquiries and eventually booking could take some time. And during this period, young kids get restless and this would exasperate the parents. Why not help your clients in your own little way by providing the kids with interesting travel brochures that are especially made for them. Before you think that this is a gargantuan project, think again. All you need is a computer and good printer in the office and you could already do your own travel brochure printing in the office.

The most important thing is that you have all the templates for your kiddie pamphlets stored in your computer. You just print several copies at a time when needed and replenish them if they are all used up. That way, you will not have a problem storing them or spending for paper and ink at one time.

Come up with ideas or themes for your brochures. You probably have three to five designs ready on different subjects, such as Disney theme parks all over the world, oceanariums, festivals, biomes, or animals. These subjects of general interest will give the children a window to the greater world out there apart from their hometown.

Once you have decided on the themes, gather attractive photographs. You can use personal pictures taken on your travels or you can copy stock-free images from the internet. After all, you will not be selling your pamphlets but they will just be used in the office. Make sure that the photos are big and of good quality so that they will not come out pixilated during printing.

After the photos, find interesting captions for them. These should be short and full of action-packed information or extravagant descriptions because children like them. Just make a short introduction about the theme and all the rest of the texts could come in an outline form and big fonts for the children’s easy reading.

If you are going to have a tri-fold brochure, that means you will have 6 panels—3 on the front and 3 on the back. Use two panels on either side for games in order to keep the kids occupied after reading. You can have a fill in the blanks trivia game with answers that could be found from everywhere in the material so that they will have to go over it again if they do not remember the answer. Or you could have a simple crossword puzzle or a find the word game using vital terms in the pamphlet. Or you could have a game that involves photos or a maze. It is easy to come up with these games. But if you don’t want to think anymore, go to the internet and search for those free to copy game templates.

Print a draft of your layout before printing a lot of copies so that you can check if the colors are matched nicely. The computer monitor and actual printout differ in color quality. Additionally, you can read through the contents and make sure that it is free from mistakes. Carry your corrections and make adjustments before printing many copies.

Start printing around 20 copies of your brochures and just add when necessary. This is the beauty of doing the brochure printing in the office—you can print anytime there is a need. And it won’t cost much either.

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