Inserts Printing and Newspaper Promotions

Published: 19th August 2010
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Inserts printing is a great tool to use in tandem with newspapers. Many business marketing campaigns do print inserts all the time for newspaper marketing deployment. They do this because inserts printing is a proven investment that really produces results when coupled with newspapers. What is more, this is all can be done for a cheap price. Let me teach you the mechanics and the benefits of this great partnership for marketing.

• Amped up newspaper advertising - One of the best advantages of using color inserts for advertising in newspapers is that it has more impact. When you compare a full color advertising insert to a traditional newspaper advertisement, you should easily see the difference. Not only are color inserts more vibrant, but they are also detached materials that people easily take notice. This makes color inserts really effective at power advertising, representing a more amped up version of a common newspaper advertisement.

• Configurable newspaper advertising medium - Color inserts are also great for newspapers because they are a highly configurable advertising medium. They can be more than just ad-space. They can become a small flyer, small booklet or even a small brochure within the newspapers themselves. You can easily change what configuration you want for your inserts printing to make them more effective at your goals for marketing or advertising. This means that you can optimize your impact easily since you have plenty of configurable options to tweak. You are not limited to just one type of advertising print.

• Additional functionality - Also, since custom inserts are highly configurable, you will be able to add additional functionality to your custom inserts, unlike traditional newspaper mediums. Not only can they be advertisements, but they can also other things like coupons, application forms, order forms, invitations, catalogs etc. Since they are already detached but insert into the newspaper, people can use them easily for other functions like those. This makes for an extremely valuable and useful medium that should be well worth it for any kind of advertising or marketing campaign.

• Cheap alternative to other kinds of marketing - Of course, one of the best reasons to use color inserts for advertising in newspapers is that it is cheap. It is just as cheap as flyer printing, which has a negligible difference from a traditional newspaper print ad. Other full scale prints such as a full catalog, a full brochure or a full booklet will cost a lot more and of course will require you to do extra kinds of distribution. Color inserts have none of these extra cost problems, so more likely than not you will be able to produce your own advertising inserts more readily.

• Targeted marketing deployment - Finally, since you are using newspapers with your color inserts, the great thing about it is that you can actually customize your deployment. If you want different advertisements to appear in different distribution areas, (such as different zip codes or neighbourhoods) it is really easy. All you have to do is to arrange with the newspaper distributor which inserts must go to the different newspaper distribution locations. This might cost extra, but it will give you targeted marketing deployment, getting the most ideal advertisements to the right people who will easily respond to them. Trust me it is well worth it to do this.

So as you can see, there are lots of benefits with using color inserts and newspapers. You should try to do this at least one for your advertising campaigns. Good look with your inserts printing!

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