How to Style Your Posters in the Modern and Trendy Way

Published: 06th February 2012
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Don’t know the right steps to design posters in the modern and trendy way? It is very simple actually to learn the right design styles to send to that poster printer. Besides looking at other similar movie posters and music posters, all you need to do really is to grasp the key concepts of modern posters art.

To help you understand these concepts and help you avoid creating “vintage posters” for your audiences, we will give you this important list of styling techniques to create similar posters that are modern and trendy. Just follow this list and you will learn how to style your poster art prints the right way.

1. Add the “third” dimension – Look at the typical poster art prints today in the modern markets and you will see that while they are physically in two dimensions, their images describe scenes in great three dimensional style. This is one of the key factors that makes for a good modern style in poster printing.

This is the same style that you should imbue in your own designs. So instead of just squares and circles, add the third dimension by adding isometric elements, shadows and light shadings. This makes the elements in your posters “more real” in a sense, adding to the professional and modern style.

2. Use more fun and bright color schemes – Another great trend that you should note are the color schemes used in most modern posters today, as well as other digital designs. If you will notice carefully, they are now increasingly brighter with more “fun” and interesting colors. It is the sign of our times today that the brighter and more vibrant the color schemes are, the more popular and welcoming the prints become.

So if you are hoping for your custom posters to be popular and effective with the right modern style, then it is time for you to adapt colors that are brighter and of course more fun to look at. The more energy they impart the better for those posters.

3. Upgrade your fonts to sleeker web 2.0 ones – Key to more modern and stylish content in poster printing is to upgrade your fonts to the newest and sleekest web 2.0 fonts. The web 2.0 phenomenon is characteristically sleeker with font styles that are fairly smooth and curvy with minimum uses of straight end points.

Your posters should emulate this by using their own web 2.0 style fonts. While there are tons of free ones for download today, you might also want to create your own styles based on current movie and music posters out there. Believe me, this will bring that modern style easily to your poster content.

4. Smoothen graphics – To fully realize the modern style for your posters, it is recommended that you also smoothen your graphics. This means that instead of using blocky or boxy type graphic elements, you should try to make all your logos and symbols a lot smoother and sleeker. This means adding more curves, subtle transitions and ultimately making things more streamlined. This of course adds that modern feel that is key to a fully effective and modern color poster style.

5. Add dynamic colors and textures – Lastly you should attempt to modify your poster backgrounds and solid area elements by adding more dynamic color and textures. While pure colors are alright for your backgrounds, text and image surfaces, more modern and more details posters typically have special textures to add that material feel in most of those design elements.

Others use gradient colors that seamlessly change the colors of those elements from one hue to another. This adds a more natural color to poster designs, which of course is the key thing to making them more modern looking.

Great! Now all you have to do is to follow all these tips and apply them directly to your color poster designs. In the end, you will have the key design elements that will make for a modern and effective poster style that is uniquely your own.

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