How to Attract Your Male Target Market with Flyers

Published: 17th March 2011
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Attracting specific male target markets using flyers is not hard, but it is not totally simple either. In flyer printing and design, you will need to customize the many different aspects of the printing and the layout to make sure that it comes off appealing to the male audience. Let me give you a few specific tips that should help you adjust those different aspects of flyer printing correctly for your target male market.

1. Write headlines in a simple and straightforward manner The headline in color flyers is where most people judge its contents. If you want your male target audiences to actually read your whole custom flyers, you will need to write a simple and straightforward line. Do not beat around the bush with this one as most men like things told straight and simple. If you do get too creative, chances are high that they will either miss the significance of your flyer headline or just ignore it altogether. So write your flyer headlines carefully in a simple and straightforward manner.

2. Use male oriented images When it comes to flyer images, the best way to attract a male target market is to use more male oriented images of course. This means using beautiful female models, maybe a sports car, or some other icon of male hobbies that will easily engage and attract that audience. This should be the key factor in getting their undivided attention, as you hook them into reading your whole color flyer marketing message. Just make sure of course that the images are tasteful and not too blatant as it is still a commercial print after all.

3. Use colors that specifically attract males Colors can also be specifically tweaked to get that male audience to read your full color flyers. The best colors are neutral colors, such as white black and gray. Next to that, cooler colors like blue and green will work as they are considered masculine. Deep red flyers and pink flyers will also tend to make your prints visible, but be wary as your message might need to be tweaked to match these color schemes. Finally, AVOID colors like purples or lavender as these might actually repel men.

4. Compose only simple types of flyers On the configuration of your flyers, it is best to use very simple type templates. The best types of flyers are the ones that are thin and can easily be stored in the pocket. Try to leave other types of flyer templates that are large or have folds as these look like they are more work than is necessary to read a simple flyer. Most men just like a quick read when it comes to color flyers, so simple is better for this type of target market.

5. Advertise all important details Finally, for a custom flyer to be good in the eyes of that male audience, all the important details and information must actually be inside the flyer. Using only commercially worded teasers and slogans might actually just turn off that male audience. So make sure that you list down all the important key points of your marketing message in your custom flyers. The more the male audience knows about your flyer offer the more they will respond.

Great! Now you know the crucial elements that will help your custom flyers attract that male target audience. With the right content and layout it should be now easy to get them to discover, understand and respond to your flyer printing.

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