How Should I Organize My Brochures?

Published: 01st July 2009
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When you print your trifold brochures, you can't just paste on every single detail that you "think" should be in there. While brochure printing might look like a small and mundane task, it still requires organization so that the brochure message comes across clear and with impact. In this little guide, I will teach you the proper way to organize the content of your color brochures. This entails four major sections that you should follow in your brochure printing designs.

1.The premise - Your first general section should be the premise. This is typically at the cover of your brochure. In the premise section, you present your readers with a possibility, a problem or a possible solution. For example, in a travel brochure, you must present your readers with the possibility of relaxing. For awareness brochures, you can present the mounting issue that will affect the reader. In product brochures this can be something like the benefits that a product can give you. All in all you must promise some kind of benefit to your readers so that they can be interested to read your whole brochure.

2.The body - The next section is the body. The body is basically where the chunk of the hard information is. For travel brochures these are the details, functions and amenities of the tourist destination. On the other hand, product brochures typically display the features of the product in this section, while information brochures present the raw facts. This is of course the meat of your brochure, and this is where you will "sell" your idea. Try to be clear and straight with this section explaining everything in detail so that no one misses out on the information.

3.The offer - After establishing the facts, you can now go to the offer. The offer section is basically where you offer yourself as a service to bring the reader the items in the body. In travel brochures of course this means that you may want to offer your discount packages for travel etc. For product brochures, it is the special price of the products, while on awareness brochures this can be the appeal to explain to other people the facts. Anything that will entice your readers to buy or patronize your main product or service should do in this section.

4.The plan of action - Finally, at the last part of the brochure, you need a plan of action section. This is the section where you attract the readers to do something about what they have learned. This can be something as simple as putting coupons in the brochures to make people go back to your shop or, your brochure itself can have an order form with them so that people can fill out an application. Whatever the case though, the plan of action will be a significant determinant of the success or failure of your brochure so make sure you include that element in your brochure organization.

That ends the four major content parts of color brochures. Each part has its role in making the brochure as an effective writing medium. So don't forget to include all of them in your brochure printing.

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