How Do Things Work in Label Printing

Published: 09th July 2009
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Label printing is not as easy as you think it is. There are a lot of factors that should come together and function well for label printing to turn out good. You can't just print your labels on the fly without any kind of forethought about those different factors. You have to how things really work in label printing so that you are sure you don't make mistakes.

For those clueless out there in label printing, below is a quick guide on how the different aspects of label printing works.

How should the design appear?
First you should know about how the design for a label works. Labels, be it product labels, or functional warning labels and notes always need a design that is very direct about their topics. You do not have the time and the space to get too creative with label designs. It should display what the thing being labeled is, usually showing an ideal picture of the thing and the indication for the label. Large lettering must always be printed that tells the name and type of thing that the label is attached to. People must be able to read it within a few seconds and know what the thing is with the label.

How should the inks function?
Next you should know about the inks and colors that they will be using to print labels. Since you will be printing labels that will get exposed to different kinds of situations and environments, the design inks must be resilient enough to not fade or smudge for a very long a very long time. This means that you need to spend on inks that dry quickly, are water resistant and won't fade for years. While this may mean that the label printing process might get expensive, this should make the label last longer which should be well worth the investment.

How should the material work?
Another thing that should last long is the label material. This is something that is important in printing labels. Ask yourself if you are printing your labels with the right kind of paper stock. Is it thick enough to be though and resist some physical damage? Is it water and dirt proof? Does it have the proper adhesives for the material that the label will be stuck to? The materials must work as a strong foundation where the label design can be printed on and last for a long time.

How printing affects everything.
Finally you should know about how to print your labels exactly. While home printing is the cheap option, the best way to produce labels, especially product labels, is by hiring printing professionals. You must choose these printers wisely so that your design, chosen inks and label material come together in a good a proper label for mass production. Any mistake that is not corrected after printing begins has the potential of ruining your labels, so make the printing work and check all your printing options to make sure you get what you paid for in label printing.

So that is how things work in label printing. Hopefully this has helped you at lot. Just keep this as a reference so that you can preview some of these concepts when you do go for label printing as well.

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