Advertising Tips with Large Posters

Published: 22nd October 2010
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Large poster printing is a big investment for advertising. Even with a wholesale printing discount, the resources you reserve for large poster printing is something to be reckoned with. You don’t want to waste all that money on bad (and large) advertising posters right? That is why you should always be careful and mindful of how you design and print large posters for advertising.

Luckily for you, I am going to help you with this endeavour. In this article I will teach you some tips that should help make your large color posters worthwhile. Just follow through the items below and your large posters should become your powerful tool for advertising.

• Test your designs – One of the most important things you should want to do when printing large advertising color posters is to always test your designs. You will now want to print large untested color posters for advertising deployment. It is always practical to test your main design first on a sample audience to see how they react.

By getting some initial feedback from tests and sample audiences you can try to refine and perfect your large posters to be more effective. With this, you can rest assured that when poster printing begins, your large posters would have been tested enough to work and attract attention for itself. So do not forget to test your large poster designs.

• Get the best high traffic location – Another important tip that you should know in poster advertising is that you should always get the best high traffic location possible. Large color posters are meant to be seen by a lot of people. Putting your color posters in locations where there is little traffic is basically a waste of time and resources. So always have a good high traffic place in mind for your large color posters before you actually deploy them. Otherwise, if you do not have a good high traffic place, it might be more cost effective to print smaller posters for advertising.

• Use very tough poster materials – It is also important for you to remember to always put your best foot forward when it comes to poster advertising. This means that your color posters should always look good and fresh even though they have been deployed for a certain time. That is why it is crucial that you use very tough poster materials that increases the lifespan of your posters and makes them look new all the time. I recommend that you go for special coated paper materials and quick drying water resistant inks to help your color posters last for a long time. They might be a bit expensive, but they will make your advertising posters look more beautiful for the whole duration of your campaign.

• Never just one – Another important tip for large poster advertising is to never go for just one large poster in a location. If there is a space for two or more large posters in your place of deployment, it is best that you post those extra ones as well. Repeating the posting of large posters not only doubles your chances of being seen, but it also reinforces your marketing message. By repeating your marketing message through multiple large color posters, you can basically increase the impact of our color posters, getting the right and complete message across to your audience.

• Full color printing always – Lastly, you should of course always print full color posters for advertising, be it large or small. Only full color posters and give the right emotional impact and detailed message that advertising posters need. So do not be stingy with the budget for full color poster printing.

Hopefully these tips should help you improve with your large color poster advertising. Good Luck!

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