7 Things To Do Before Designing Your Poster

Published: 07th July 2010
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Wait! Stop! Before you start creating your designs for poster printing, you need to do 7 important things first. No poster templates will help you do these things so you better pay attention. Trust me, these 7 important tasks are crucial in developing a great design for poster printing. Most experts do them as a habit to make sure they always turn out quality designs. So let me lay out for you these 7 things to do before designing your poster.

1.Specify your target viewers - The first important thing to do before starting your designs for poster printing is to specify for yourself who your target viewers are. This is a BIG thing to do because you will need to know who exactly you are targeting for your custom poster messages. Do you want your potential customers to view your poster? Do you want the general public to see your poster? Do you want mostly men to understand your poster? Or do you want a more younger crowd to like your posters?

By knowing who exactly your target audience is, you will be able to decide on the right kind of content and theme for your poster designs. By doing this, your poster designs will become more effective at attracting the right kind of people you need. So make sure you specify for yourself who your target viewers are.

2.Determine your goals - Another thing you should always do before starting your designs is to determine your goals in poster printing. Posters actually do have different goals in communication. For example, some posters are used for information dissemination while others are used for same old advertising. Other posters have the goal of inspiring people while some are just made to give a warning or a reminder. By actually defining your goals for poster printing, you can shape your designs far more quickly and efficiently. So make sure you define your goals before you start designing your posters.

3.Develop your main concept - Another crucial thing to do before you start designing is to develop your concept first. It is good to have some idea of what you want your content and your design should be before actually getting into the deep end of color poster design. Try to always first have a brainstorming session to flesh out what you want to see in your posters considering the goals you put in and the target audience that you will be working with.

It is good to come up with two to three concepts initially and then consult with some friends and colleagues about it. Choose the best one as your main concept afterwards. Doing this "discernment" phase for your main concept is a good way to make your entry into designing posters a little bit easier and faster.

4.Write your content - You should also try to write your content way before you start developing that poster layout. By writing your content first, from title to supporting details, you can focus more in the writing composition of your posters. This helps you develop good quality content that has little errors when you insert them finally into the design. The only thing you should do with your content once you insert them into your poster designs is to format them appropriately.

5.Gather your image raw materials - Like text content, it is also good to gather your image raw materials before going through with the design of your posters. Getting those photographs and other graphics first, gives you an opportunity to judge and analyze your images properly. You can collect all the things you need in one single image gathering phase so that you can be sure that all images are in good quality and in high resolution. All you have to do once the design phase starts is to insert and resize those images. So try collecting all that you need first.

6.Gather other design elements - Of course, if you also need other extra stuff like borders, custom fonts, custom brushes, etc. it is also a good idea to gather these design elements before you start your designs. It is better to have everything prepared, so that you can really focus on developing your poster designs.

7.Get a Poster Template - Finally, before the real poster design process starts, try to get a poster template. Poster templates will help you build your design faster and easier. Just make sure you get it from the right source and in the right format and you should be ready to start your poster designs right away.

Those are the seven things you need to do before you start designing your color posters. Trust me, if you do these seven things before starting the design process, you should finish faster with better designs with little trouble at all in poster printing.

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